Powerbuilder DataWindow Script Techniques

Powerbuilder DataWindow Script Techniques How do I set a property for an entire column? How many rows selected? How do I check the name of the DataWindow? Putting a Help button on a DataWindow dialog box DataWindow dialog boxes, such as the ones which may come up for Sort( ) and Filter( ) after the…

46 Tips and Tricks Of PowerBuilder Datawindow

1. How to make the column of the stored file directory display pictures? Answer: Select the display as picture property of the corresponding column to be true 2. How to copy the data of the selected row of grid type to the system clipboard? Answer:

3: How to change the column position of GRID…

DataWindow Processing Property Values

DataWindow Processing Property Values. View edit source datawindow processing. 0 (Default) Form, Group, query, Or tabular1 Grid2 Label3 Graph4 Crosstab5 Composite7 RichText Good Luck!

Dynamically Creating DataWindow Objects

Dynamically Creating DataWindow ObjectsObjects can be added to your DataWindow programmatically via a Modify statement. In my opinion, the dynamic creation of objects within a DataWindow has been a highly underused feature.Dynamically creating (or destroying) objects within a DataWindow has many advantages such as:– Dynamically changing the content– If a printed DataWindow varies in appearance…