Powerbuilder Documentation 12.5

Powerbuilder Documentation 12.5

Printing basics – PB Docs 125

Printing basics All printing is defined in terms of the print area. The print area is the physical page size less any margins. For example, if the page size is 8.5 inches by 11 inches, and the top, bottom, and side margins are all a half-inch, the print area is 7.5 inches by 10 inches….

Syntax 1 For ListView controls – PB Docs 125

Syntax 1 For ListView controls Description Sets data associated with a ListView item to the property values you specify in a ListViewItem variable. Controls ListView controls Syntax

Argument Description listviewname The ListView for which you are setting item properties index The index number of the item for which you are setting properties column The index…

About the sample applications – PB Docs 125

About the sample applications PowerBuilder provides sample applications with source code so you can learn and reuse the techniques used in the samples. There are two kinds of samples: Samples that you can download from the Web Samples you can install from the DVD Document get from Powerbuilder help Thank you for watching.

Restart – PB Docs 125

Restart PowerScript function Description Stops the execution of all scripts, closes all windows (without executing the scripts for the Close events), commits and disconnects from the database, restarts the application, and executes the application-level script for the Open event. Syntax

Return Values Integer. Returns 1 if it succeeds and -1 if it fails. The…

Controlling transactions from a client – PB Docs 125

Controlling transactions from a client PowerBuilder clients can exercise explicit control of a transaction on a COM+ server by using a variable of type OleTxnObject instead of OLEObject to connect to the COM object. Requires COM+ installation The ConnectToNewObject call on an OleTxnObject fails if COM+ is not installed on the client computer. The OleTxnObject…

Resize – PB Docs 125

Resize PowerScript function Description Resizes an object or control by setting its Width and Height properties and then redraws the object. Controls Any object, except a child DataWindow Syntax

Argument Description objectname The name of the object or control you want to resize width The new width in PowerBuilder units height The new height…

Accessibility requirements for software and Web applications – PB Docs 125

Accessibility requirements for software and Web applications Organizations that want to make their applications accessible to the disabled might have to comply with several sets of slightly different regulations and guidelines, depending on the countries in which their products will be sold or used. Section 508 Section 508, enacted in 1998, is an extension of…

RelativeDate – PB Docs 125

RelativeDate PowerScript function Description Obtains the date that occurs a specified number of days after or before another date. Syntax

Argument Description date A value of type date n An integer indicating a number of days Return Values Date. Returns the date that occurs n days after date if n is greater than 0….

Adding controls – PB Docs 125

Adding controls All windows serving as the basis for a form style have at least one DataWindow control. In addition, you can add any other controls that you can add to standard PowerBuilder windows, such as command buttons, user objects, text, edit boxes, pictures, and drawing objects. Users of the form can move the controls…

PrintX – PB Docs 125

PrintX PowerScript function Description Reports the x coordinate of the print cursor. Syntax

Argument Description printjobnumber The number the PrintOpen function assigned to the print job Return Values Integer. Returns the x coordinate of the print cursor if it succeeds and -1 if an error occurs. If any argument’s value is null, PrintX returns…