Powerbuilder Documentation 2022

Powerbuilder Documentation 2022

Syntax 1: For list boxes – PB Docs 2022

Syntax 1: For list boxes Description Deletes all the items from a list. Applies to ListBox, DropDownListBox, PictureListBox, and DropDownPictureListBox controls Syntax

Argument Description listboxname The name of the ListBox control from which to delete all items Return value Integer. Returns 1 if it succeeds and -1 if an error occurs. If listboxname is…

Referencing structures – PB Docs 2022

Referencing structures When you define a structure, you are defining a new datatype. You can use this new datatype in scripts and user-defined functions as long as the structure definition is stored in a library in the application’s library search path. To use a structure in a script or user-defined function Declare a variable of…

Tree.property – PB Docs 2022

Tree.property property (DataWindow object) Description Settings for a TreeView DataWindow. Applies to TreeView DataWindows Syntax PowerBuilder dot notation:

Describe and Modify argument:

Parameter Description property A property that controls the appearance or behavior of the TreeView DataWindow. Properties and their settings are listed in the table below. value (exp) A string value for…

C0331 Compiler Error – PB Docs 2022

C0331 Compiler Error Message text Static member name cannot be accessed with a function or property call. Explanation Error C0331 is generated if you call a static member in a function or property. For example, each of the following calls generates error C0331:

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Syntax 1: For ListView controls – PB Docs 2022

Syntax 1: For ListView controls Description Occurs when the user presses the left mouse button in the ListView control and begins dragging. Event ID Event ID Objects pbm_lvnbegindrag ListView Arguments Argument Description index Integer by value (the index of the ListView item being dragged) Return Values Long. Return code choices (specify in a RETURN statement):…

C0027 Compiler Error – PB Docs 2022

C0027 Compiler Error Message text Error opening routine: routine. Document get from Powerbuilder help Thank you for watching.

ClientName – PB Docs 2022

ClientName property (DataWindow object) Description The name of the OLE client. The default is “Untitled.” ClientName is used by some applications in the server window’s title. Applies to OLE Object and TableBlob controls Syntax PowerBuilder dot notation:

Describe and Modify argument:

Parameter Description controlname The name of a blob column or an OLE…

Building windows – PB Docs 2022

Building windows When you build a window, you: Specify the appearance and behavior of the window by setting its properties Add controls to the window Build scripts that determine how to respond to events in the window and its controls To support these scripts, you can define new events for the window and its controls,…

Using date display formats – PB Docs 2022

Using date display formats Applies to Display formats Description A date display format can have two sections. The first section is required. The second section is optional and specifies how to represent NULLs:

The following table shows characters that have special meaning in date display formats. Character Meaning Example d Day number with no…

About user events – PB Docs 2022

About user events Contents User events and event IDs Windows, user objects, controls, menus, and Application objects each have a predefined set of events. In most cases, the predefined events are all you need, but there are times when you want to declare your own user event. You can use predefined event IDs to trigger…