Powerbuilder Documentation 2019

Powerbuilder Documentation 2019

Saving as PDF using the Distill! method with Ghostscript – PB Docs 2019

Saving as PDF using the Distill! method with Ghostscript PowerBuilder uses a PostScript printer driver specifically designed for distilling purposes to configure the PDF output. You can choose to use a different PostScript printer driver if you want to customize your PostScript settings for generating PDF. For more, see the section called “Using the Ghostscript…

Sec_Delegation – PB Docs 2019

Sec_Delegation database parameter Description When you access an SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise database in PowerBuilder through Open Client, Sec_Delegation is one of several parameters that support login authentication for network-based security services. (For other login authentication parameters, see the See Also section.) For applications that are using network-based login authentication to connect to an SAP…

RightMargin – PB Docs 2019

RightMargin property for PowerScript controls Applies to RichTextEdit controls Description The RightMargin property specifies the size in inches of the right margin on the printed page. Usage In a painter To set the right margin: Enter the desired size in inches in the Right Margin field of the Document tab page of the RichTextEdit control’s…

RoundRectangle control – PB Docs 2019

RoundRectangle control A RoundRectangle is a filled or outlined rectangular drawing object with rounded corners that you typically use for design purposes (for example, you can put a CommandButton or a picture in a RoundRectangle). When you use a RoundRectangle to group controls, the grouping does not affect the behavior of the controls in the…

RegistryKeys – PB Docs 2019

RegistryKeys PowerScript function Description Obtains a list of the keys that are child items (subkeys) one level below a key in the Windows system registry. Syntax

Argument Description key A string whose value names the key in the system registry whose subkeys you want. To uniquely identify a key, specify the list of parent…

RemoteExec – PB Docs 2019

RemoteExec PowerScript event Description Occurs when a DDE client application has sent a command. Event ID Event ID Objects pbm_ddeexecute Window Arguments None Return Values Long. Return code choices (specify in a RETURN statement): 0 — Continue processing See also RemoteRequest RemoteSend Document get from Powerbuilder help Thank you for watching.

ReplaceText – PB Docs 2019

ReplaceText PowerScript function Description Replaces selected text in an edit control with a specified string. Applies to DataWindow, EditMask, InkEdit, MultiLineEdit, SingleLineEdit, RichTextEdit, DropDownListBox, and DropDownPictureListBox controls Syntax

Argument Description editname The name of the DataWindow, EditMask, InkEdit, MultiLineEdit, SingleLineEdit, RichTextEdit, DropDownListBox, or DropDownPictureListBox control in which you want to replace the selected string….

RetrieveOne – PB Docs 2019

RetrieveOne PowerScript function Description Retrieves one data row to the DataWindow, DataWindowChild, or DataStore from the RESTFul Web service. If the data received from the RESTful web service is compressed as gzip, it will be automatically decompressed. Only gzip compression format is supported at this moment. The developer can use the SetRequestHeader function to set…

PowerScript Statements – PB Docs 2019

PowerScript Statements Contents Assignment CALL CHOOSE CASE CONTINUE CREATE DESTROY DO…LOOP EXIT FOR…NEXT GOTO HALT IF…THEN RETURN THROW THROWS TRY…CATCH…FINALLY…END TRY About this chapter This chapter describes the PowerScript statements and how to use them in scripts. Document get from Powerbuilder help Thank you for watching.

PrintHeader (obsolete) – PB Docs 2019

PrintHeader (obsolete) PowerScript event Description Occurs when the header of a page of the document in the RichTextEdit control is about to be printed. Obsolete event The PrintHeader and PrintFooter events are obsolete. They are no longer triggered under any circumstance. You must use the ShowHeadFoot function to edit headers and footers of pages in…