Powerbuilder Documentation 2018

Powerbuilder Documentation 2018

Constant declarations – PB Docs 2018

Constant declarations To declare a constant, add the keyword CONSTANT to a standard variable declaration:

Only a datatype that accepts an assignment in its declaration can be a constant. For this reason, blobs cannot be constants. Even though identifiers in PowerScript are not case sensitive, the declarations shown here use uppercase as a convention for…

ClientSecret – PB Docs 2018

ClientSecret property for PowerScript controls Applies to TokenRequest object Description Password of the registered client issued by the authorization server. If the program sets the “Authorization” request header, this property will be ignored. Usage In a script The ClientSecret property takes a string value. The following statement sets the ClientSecret property:

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Controlling access for instance variables – PB Docs 2018

Controlling access for instance variables Instance variables have access settings that provide control over how other objects’ scripts access them. You can specify that a variable is: Public Accessible to any other object Protected Accessible only in scripts for the object and its descendants Private Accessible in scripts for the object only For example:

CORBACurrent service (obsolete) – PB Docs 2018

CORBACurrent service (obsolete) Obsolete service CORBACurrent service is obsolete because EAServer is no longer supported since PowerBuilder 2017. Client applications and EAServer components marked as OTS style can create, control, and obtain information about EAServer transactions using functions of the CORBACurrent context service object. The CORBACurrent object provides most of the methods defined for the CORBA Current…

BlobMid – PB Docs 2018

BlobMid PowerScript function Description Extracts data from a blob variable. Syntax

Argument Description data Data of the blob datatype n The number (1 to 4,294,967,295) of the first byte you want returned length  (optional) The number of bytes (1 to 4,294,967,295) you want returned Return value Blob. Returns length bytes from data starting at byte n. If…

CalendarTitleTextColor – PB Docs 2018

CalendarTitleTextColor property for PowerScript controls Applies to DatePicker and EditMask controls Description The CalendarTitleTextColor property specifies the color used for text in the calendar’s title. Usage This property does not work on the Windows 7/8.1/10 operating system. In a painter Select the desired color from the TitleTextColor drop-down list on the Calendar tab page of…


PBDOM_CHARACTERDATA Class Contents PBDOM_CHARACTERDATA About this document This chapter describes the PBDOM_CHARACTERDATA class. Document get from Powerbuilder help Thank you for watching.

BuildModel – PB Docs 2018

BuildModel PowerScript function Description Builds either a performance analysis or trace tree model based on the trace file you have specified with the SetTraceFileName function. Optional arguments let you monitor the progress of the build or interrupt it. You must specify the trace file to be modeled using the SetTraceFileName function before calling BuildModel. Applies to Profiling…

ClassList – PB Docs 2018

ClassList PowerScript function Description Provides a list of the classes included in a performance analysis model. Applies to Profiling object Syntax

Argument Description instancename Instance name of the Profiling object. list An unbounded array variable of datatype ProfileClass in which ClassList stores a ProfileClass object for each class included in the model. This argument is…

ChangeMenu – PB Docs 2018

ChangeMenu PowerScript function Description Changes the menu associated with a window. If the window is an MDI frame window, ChangeMenu appends the list of open sheets to the currently active menu. Applies to Window objects Syntax

Argument Description windowname The name of the window for which you want to change the menu. menuname The name…