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PB Assembly Target

Use the PB Assembly target to build a set of one or more PBLs into an assembly, which can be referenced by another target.

The PB Assembly target is similar to the runtime library (.PBD) in PowerBuilder Classic. The application object and all the global variables (system and user-defined) defined in the PB Assembly target are used only within the PB Assembly target iteself; you cannot use them across targets.

The PB Assembly target:

  • Can contain all PowerBuilder object types
  • Exposes all PowerBuilder objects when a referenced PB Assembly is expanded in the Solution Explorer
  • Outputs a DLL assembly
  • Can be identified by having an “AssemblyExtraInfo(true)” attribute
  • Need not be built by any referencing targets once it has been built
  • Is used directly in PowerBuilder (unlike the .NET Assembly target)

The global objects in the PB Assembly are not instantiated. They require a reference to the instantiated variables from the application. Pass the global variable instantiated in the application into the PB Assembly and assign it to the global variable defined in the PB Assembly target.

Parent topic: Targets

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