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Now DataWindow expression function


Obtains the current time based on the system time of the client


Return Values

Time. Returns the current time based on the system time of
the client machine.


Use Now to compare a time to the system
time or to display the system time on the screen. The timer interval
specified for the DataWindow object determines the frequency at which the
value of Now is updated. For example, if the
timer interval is one second, it is updated every second. The default
timer interval is one minute (60,000 milliseconds).


This expression returns the current system time:

This expression sets the column value to 8:00 when
the current system time is before 8:00 and to the current time if
it is after 8:00:

The displayed time refreshes every time the specified time
interval period elapses.

If a static value of time is required (for example,
the time when a report has been executed or the retrieve has started),
you can use a static text field that you modify as follows:

See Also

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