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Using rich text in an application

Rich text format (RTF) is a standard for specifying formatting
instructions and document content in a single ASCII document. An
editor that supports rich text format interprets the formatting
instructions and displays the text with formatting.

In an application, you may want to:

  • Provide
    a window for preparing rich text documents
    While not a full-fledged word processor, the RichTextEdit
    control allows the user to apply formatting to paragraphs, words,
    and characters.
  • Create a mail-merge application
    You or the user can set up boilerplate text with input fields
    associated with database data.
  • Display reports with formatted text
    A RichText DataWindow object is designed for viewing data,
    rather than entering data. It doesn’t have the edit styles
    of other DataWindow presentation styles.
  • Store rich text as a string in a database and display
    it in a RichTextEdit control

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