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HTMLContextApplied event


Occurs when the SetHTMLAction method has been called to apply
an action to a DataWindow control or DataStore. The event occurs
after the context has been set but before the action is applied.

PowerBuilder event information

Event ID: pbm_dwnhtmlcontextapplied




String. A descriptor of the action about
to be applied to the DataStore. Action strings include:

  • AppendRow

  • DeleteRow

  • InsertRow

  • PageFirst

  • PageLast

  • PageNext

  • PagePrior

  • Retrieve

  • Sort

  • Update

The list is subject to change and additional actions may be added
in the future. Case is not relevant for action values.

Return Values

Set the return code to affect the outcome of the event:

  • 0 Continue processing
    (execute the action)

  • 1 Prevent the action from being applied

For information on setting the return code in a particular
environment, see “About return values for
DataWindow events”


Actions include navigating from page to page, inserting and
deleting rows, retrieving and updating data. Typically the HTMLContextApplied
event is used to call server-side methods for validating data that
is about to be updated.

The SetHTMLAction method triggers the HTMLContextApplied
event. If the HTMLContextApplied event returns 1, then the SetHTMLAction method returns
-4 to indicate that the action was canceled.

See Also

SetHTMLAction method

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