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How Jaguar manages program variable space

How Jaguar differs from distributed PowerBuilder

The Jaguar server manages program variable space in a very
different way from a distributed PowerBuilder server. For each client
connection to a distributed PowerBuilder server, PowerBuilder maintains
a separate client session. All server objects instantiated by a
client share the same session; therefore they all share the same
global variables and the same application object. In addition, if
two or more objects are of the same class, any shared (class) variables
are shared among the instances of the class. This is not
the case
with Jaguar. Each PowerBuilder user object running in
Jaguar has its own copy of the global and shared variables.

Unlike the distributed PowerBuilder server, which is session-oriented,
the Jaguar server architecture is component-oriented. Each component
maintains its own state. When a single client instantiates several
PowerBuilder objects on the server, Jaguar maintains program variable
space for the objects separately. The PowerBuilder objects share
no common state. They can communicate only through methods, Jaguar
shared components, server files, and databases.

Jaguar shared components

To allow clients
to share state information, Jaguar provides support for shared components.
Shared components allow multiple clients to share the same component
instance. Shared components allow you to:

  • Provide convenient
    access to common data that would otherwise need to be retrieved
    separately by each client connection
  • Reduce the number of database accesses, making the
    database server available for other processing

For more information about using Jaguar shared components,
see “Working with shared components”.

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