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Set this property to false to hide the Theme Manager on a particular page in a Web Forms application.

Applies to

Window controls


In scripts, surround the HasThemeManager property in a conditional compilation code block for Web Forms applications:

This property is valid for .NET Web Forms applications only when the PBThemeManager global property is set to true. The global property allows the Theme Manager icon to appear on all window forms in your Web Forms applications. The Theme Manager icon gives users to change the appearance of controls in your application.

By default, the HasThemeManager property is set to true and the PBThemeManager is set to false. When you change the PBThemeManager global property to true, all window forms show the Theme Manager icon unless you set the HasThemeManager for a particular window to false.

Note: In MDI applications, manager icons appear on the frame window. To hide the Theme Manager icon when the PBThemeManager global property is set to true, you must set the HasThemeManager property of both the frame and the active sheet to false.

Parent topic: Web Forms Properties

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