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Connections to EAServer Components

You can build
a .NET client application or component that invokes methods of Enterprise
JavaBeans (EJB) components or PowerBuilder EAServer components running
in EAServer 6.1 or later.

This capability is based on the .NET client
ORB library introduced in EAServer 6.1.


When you install EAServer, you must install the .NET support

You can use either the Connection object or the JaguarORB
object to connect to the component in EAServer, and you can connect
from .NET Windows Forms and Web Forms applications
and from .NET assemblies and Web services.

  • Using the Connection Object
    Build a .NET client application for an EAServer component using the Connection object.
  • Connections Using the JaguarORB Object
    To create a CORBA-compatible client, you can use the JaguarORB object instead of the Connection object to establish the connection to the server.
  • Support for CORBAObject and CORBACurrent Objects
    The CORBAObject object gives PowerBuilder clients access to several standard CORBA methods. All proxy objects generated for EAServer components using the EAServer proxy generator are descendants of CORBAObject.
  • Supported Datatypes
    Simple and complex datatypes are convertible between .NET clients and EAServer components.
  • SSL Connection Support
    To enable .NET client applications developed in PowerBuilder to connect with EAServer using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the computer where the .NET application runs must be configured to work correctly with the SSL authentication mode.

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