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About presenting lists

You can choose a variety of ways to present lists in your

  • ListBoxes and
    PictureListBoxes display available choices that can be used for
    invoking an action or viewing and displaying data.
  • DropDownListBoxes and DropDownPictureListBoxes also
    display available choices to the user. However, you can make them
    editable to the user. DropDownListBoxes are text-only lists; DropDownPictureListBoxes
    display a picture associated with each item.
  • ListView controls present lists in a combination
    of graphics and text. You can allow the user to add, delete, edit,
    and rearrange ListView items, or you can use them to invoke an action.

note.gif TreeView controls TreeView controls also combine graphics and text in lists.
The difference is that TreeView controls show the hierarchical relationship
among the TreeView items. As with ListView controls, you can allow
the user to add, delete, edit, and rearrange TreeView items. You
can also use them to invoke actions.

For more information on TreeViews, see Chapter 9, “Using TreeView Controls”.

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