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About deploying applications

PowerBuilder lets you develop and deploy applications for many
application architectures.

Traditional client/server applications

The primary focus of this chapter is on building an executable
file and packaging a single- or two-tier application for deployment.
It helps you decide whether to use compiled code or pseudocode,
whether to use dynamic libraries (PBDs or DLLs) and how to organize
them, and whether to deploy resources such as bitmaps and icons
separately or use a PowerBuilder Resource file (PBR).

Internet and distributed applications

When you build a client in a multitier application or a distributed PowerBuilder server
application, you need to make the same choices as you do for a traditional
client/server application. If you’re building
Jaguar or MTS components or using the PowerBuilder window plugin or
the PowerBuilder window ActiveX, you need to know about PowerBuilder dynamic
libraries (PBDs) and PBRs.

Additional considerations for deploying Internet or distributed PowerBuilder applications
are described in other chapters or books:

For information about deploying Look here
Jaguar components “Deploying the component
to Jaguar”
COM or MTS components “Deploying the PowerBuilder COM
Java classes generated with the JavaBeans
proxy generator
“Using generated Java classes”
Distributed PowerBuilder clients “Deploying the client
Distributed PowerBuilder servers “Deploying the server
Internet applications that use Web.PB,
the PowerBuilder window ActiveX, the PowerBuilder window plugin, or
the DataWindow plugin
Using the PowerBuilder Internet

For more information

For guidelines on deploying a PowerBuilder application on a
specific platform, see the next two chapters in this book.

note.gif Deploying Enterpise Application Studio applications For detailed information about deploying applications built
using Enterpise Application Studio, see the Release Notes.

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