PowerBuilder Utility

PBUtility is a free PowerBuilder Application that provides some useful utility tools  for PowerBuilder from version 6 to 2021. I will try to update the latest version.

PowerBuilder Utility


Run putility.exe you will see it appear system tray icon. select sytem -> intergate. you will restart PB, you will see a new toolbar in PowerBuilder.

PowerBuilder Utility 1


Auto Comment : Add comment editer

Format Code : Powerbuilder format code

Upper Case : Upper select text

Lower Case : Lower select text

Add Tab : Add tab before or after using flag

SQL Format : SQL format select text

Auto Complete : Complete text from text using flag

Trim Code : Trim text using flag

DataWindow Automation: General code from datawindow 

Objects List: Show list objects support (find , compare, show source, show duplicate)

Compare PBL version: Compare PBL

Color: Get color code

Option: Config options

Full Comment

PowerBuilder Utility 2

Modify comment

PowerBuilder Utility 3

ADD Comment (ctrl + mouse)

PowerBuilder Utility 4

Delete Comment (shift + mouse)

PowerBuilder Utility 5

Step Comment

PowerBuilder Utility 6

Format Code

Format the code in PB script editor with the default indent rules.Note: If the active window in PB is not a editor, the operation has no effect.

PowerBuilder Utility 7

Add Tab

PowerBuilder Utility 8

Auto Complete

PowerBuilder Utility 9

Trim Code

PowerBuilder Utility 10

DataWindow Automation

PowerBuilder Utility 11

Objects List

PowerBuilder Utility 12

Compare PBL version

PowerBuilder Utility 13


PowerBuilder Utility 14


PowerBuilder Utility 15

Find Projects On Github click here

Good Luck!

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Matthew Balent
Matthew Balent
1 year ago

Can you put a .zip archive on github so we don’t have to download each file?

Aftab Ansari
Aftab Ansari
4 months ago

Hello Please update for pb2022

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