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Working with the DataWindow control in PowerBuilder

proc.png To place a DataWindow control in a window:

  1. Open the window that will contain the DataWindow

  2. Select Insert>Control>DataWindow
    from the menu bar.

  3. Click where you want the control to display.

    PowerBuilder places an empty DataWindow control in the window:

  4. (Optional) Resize the DataWindow control by selecting
    it and dragging one of the handles.

Specifying a DataWindow object

After placing the DataWindow control, you associate a DataWindow
object with the control.

proc.png To associate a DataWindow object with the control:

  1. In the DataWindow Properties view, click
    the Browse button for the DataObject property.

  2. Select the DataWindow object that you want to
    place in the control and click OK.

    The name of the DataWindow object displays in the DataObject
    box in the DataWindow Properties view.

  3. (Optional) Change the properties of the DataWindow
    control as needed.

    note.png Allowing users to move DataWindow controls

    If you want users to be able to move a DataWindow control
    during execution, give it a title and select the Title Bar check
    box. Then users can move the control by dragging the title bar.

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