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Width.AutoSize Property

In the Grid presentation style DataWindow, the Width.AutoSize property determines whether a column adjusts its width according to the data it contains.

Applies to

Column controls in the Grid presentation style


The AutoWidth property takes one of these numeric values:

  • 0 – No AutoWidth: This is the default value.
  • 1 – AutoWidth is computed for visible rows (monotonic) and does not decrease when the widest column is reduced when scrolling.
  • 2 – AutoWidth is computed for visible rows (non-monotonic)
  • 3 – AutoWidth is computed for all retrieved rows.
You can set the AutoWidth property:

  • In the painter – in the Properties view, select one of the values in the drop-down list for the AutoWidth property.
  • In scripts – set the AutoWidth property to one of the numeric values.

See the DataWindow Reference for details.

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