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What gets generated

The wizard generates two sets of objects.

Objects that initiate and monitor synchronization

The first set of objects lets the end user initiate and monitor

  • nvo_appname_mlsync – a
    custom class user object that controls the MobiLink client (appname is
    the name of your application)

  • gf_appname_sync – a
    global function that instantiates the user object and calls a function
    to launch a synchronization request

  • w_appname_syncprogress – an
    optional status window that reports the progress of the synchronization

In the wizard, you can choose whether the application uses
the status window. The generated status window includes an OK button
that lets the user view the status before dismissing the window,
and a Cancel button that lets the user cancel synchronization before
it completes. You can also customize the window to fit your application’s

Objects that modify synchronization options

The second set of objects is generated only if you select
Prompt User for Password and Runtime Changes in the wizard. It lets
the end user change synchronization options before initiating synchronization:

  • w_appname_sync_options – an
    options window that lets the end user modify the MobiLink user name
    and password, the host name and port of the MobiLink server, and
    other options for dbmlsync, and choose how to display

  • gf_appname_configure_sync – a
    global function that opens the options window and, if the user clicked
    OK, calls gf_appname_sync to
    initiate synchronization

Most applications that use the options window provide two
menu items or command buttons to launch synchronization: one to
open the options window so that users can set up or modify dbmlsync options
before requesting a synchronization, and one to request a synchronization
with the preset options.

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