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What are the PowerBuilder stored procedure scripts?

What you do

In order to work with an Adaptive Server database in PowerBuilder,
you or your system administrator should install certain stored procedures
in the database before you connect to Adaptive
Server from PowerBuilder for the first time.

You must run the PowerBuilder stored procedure scripts only
once per database server, and not before each PowerBuilder session.
If you have already installed the PowerBuilder stored procedures in
your Adaptive Server database before connecting in PowerBuilder on
any supported platform, you need not install the
stored procedures again before connecting in PowerBuilder on a different platform.

PowerBuilder stored procedures

A stored procedure is a group of precompiled
and preoptimized SQL statements
that performs some database operation. Stored procedures reside
on the database server where they can be accessed as needed.

PowerBuilder uses these stored procedures to get information
about tables and columns from the Adaptive Server system catalog.
(The PowerBuilder stored procedures are different from the stored
procedures you might create in your database.)

SQL scripts

PowerBuilder provides SQL script
files for installing the required stored procedures in the sybsystemprocs


Use for


Adaptive Server databases


Adaptive Server databases to restrict
the Select Tables list

Where to find the scripts

The stored procedure scripts are located in the Server directory
on the PowerBuilder CD-ROM. The Server directory
contains server-side installation components that are not installed
with PowerBuilder on your computer.

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