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Web DataWindow types

Web DataWindow functionality includes three types of Web DataWindow implementation:

  • XML Web

    Separate XML (content), XSLT (layout), and CSS (style) with
    a subsequent transformation to XHTML

  • XHTML Web DataWindow

    XHTML content only

  • HTML Web DataWindow

    HTML content only

note.png HTML Generation property page has been renamed

Since the Web DataWindow can be generated in XML, XHTML, and
HTML, the HTML Generation property page in the DataWindow properties
view is now called the Web Generation property page. Shared XHTML
and HTML properties and properties specific to XML, XHTML, and HTML
can be set there. For information about setting Web generation properties,
see “Setting Web generation properties
for the Web DataWindow”

Web DataWindow use

No matter what type of Web DataWindow you want to use, the
way you use it is the same. For specific information about using
the XML Web DataWindow, see “Using the XML Web DataWindow”.

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