Using the JDBC interface – PB Docs 126

Using the JDBC interface

You can use the JDBC interface to develop several types of
components and/or applications in PowerBuilder:

  • Thin client/server applications

    If a client is already running a JVM (in a running Web browser
    or inside the operating system), the use of the JDBC interface to
    access a database does not require the client-side installation
    and administration of a database driver, which is required when
    using ODBC.

  • DataWindow objects to be used in a
    DataWindow Web control for ActiveX

    Using the JDBC interface does not require the installation
    of a database driver on the client, since the JDBC driver can be
    downloaded with the Web ActiveX in a CAB file.

  • Transactional components to be deployed
    on EAServer that access a
    database through the EAServer JDBC

    Using the JDBC interface allows a PowerBuilder transactional
    component to share the same transaction as another component.

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