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Using ISQL to run the stored procedure scripts

ISQL is an interactive SQL utility that comes with the Open
Client software on the Windows platforms. If you have ISQL installed, use the following procedure
to run the PowerBuilder stored procedure scripts.

For complete instructions on using ISQL, see your Open Client documentation.

proc.png To use ISQL to
run the PowerBuilder stored procedure scripts:

  1. Connect to the sybsystemprocs Adaptive
    Server database as the system administrator.

  2. Open one of the following files containing the PowerBuilder stored procedure
    script you want to run:


    • PBSYC2.SQL

  3. Issue the appropriate ISQL command
    to run the SQL script with the
    user ID, server name, and (optionally) password you specify. Make
    sure you specify uppercase and lowercase exactly as shown:




    The user ID for the system administrator.
    Do not change this user ID.


    The name of the computer running the
    Adaptive Server database.


    The drive and directory containing the SQL script you want to run.


    (Optional) The password for the sa (system administrator)
    user ID. The default Adaptive Server installation creates the sa user
    ID without a password. If you changed the password for sa during
    the installation, replace password with your
    new password.

    For example, if you are using PowerBuilder and are accessing
    the stored procedure scripts from the product CD-ROM, type either
    of the following (assuming D is your CD-ROM drive):

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