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Unsupported Features in Windows Forms Projects

PowerBuilder Windows Forms applications do not currently support
some standard PowerBuilder features. Some of these are not implemented in the current release of PowerBuilder,
and others have been partially implemented.

The tables in this chapter provide detailed lists of all objects,
controls, functions, events, and properties and indicate whether
they are supported.

The following list summarizes support in Windows Forms for
features in this release:

  • All DataWindow presentation
    styles are supported, but there are some restrictions on RichText
    and OLE presentation styles.

  • External function calls are supported except when
    the function has a reference structure parameter.

  • You cannot call functions on .NET primitive types
    that map to PowerBuilder primitive types. See the list of datatype
    mappings from .NET to PowerBuilder in the Datatype Mappings

  • You can use the built-in Web services client extension (pbwsclient120.pbx)
    in applications that you plan to deploy to .NET Windows Forms. You cannot use
    any other PBNI extensions in a .NET target.

  • In-process OLE controls (controls with the extension
    .ocx or .dll) are partially
    supported. Most of the OLE control container�s events are
    not supported, but events of the control in the container are supported
    with the exception of the Help event. Other OLE features are not
    supported. You cannot create an ActiveX control dynamically, and
    you must set the initial properties of an ActiveX control in code
    because the implementation does not support saving to or retrieving
    from structured storage.

    Support for OLE controls requires the Microsoft ActiveX Control Importer
    (aximp.exe). This tool generates a wrapper
    class for an ActiveX control that can be hosted on a Windows Form.
    It imports the DLL or OCX and produces a set of assemblies that
    contain the common language runtime metadata and control implementation
    for the types defined in the original type library. When you deploy
    the application, you deploy these assemblies. You do not need to
    deploy aximp.exe.

    The aximp.exe tool is part of the .NET
    Framework SDK, which can be freely downloaded from the Microsoft
    Web site. See System Requirements for .NET Windows Forms Targets

  • These features are not currently supported
    in .NET targets: tracing and profiling, DDE functions, and SSLCallback.

  • The .NET Framework replaces fonts that are not TrueType
    or OpenType fonts, such as Courier or MS Sans Serif. To avoid
    issues with replacement fonts, always use a TrueType or OpenType

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