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The Web DataWindow Container project wizard

In PowerBuilder, you can use the Web DataWindow Container
project wizard to create a project that deploys a custom version
of the Web DataWindow server component (HTMLGenerator126) to EAServer with all the DataWindow
objects in your library list built into the deployed PBD.

Because you are using a custom component instead of the preinstalled HTMLGenerator126
component, you can set properties for your component in EAServer Manager. Setting properties
reduces the number of method calls required to configure the component
and can result in improved performance, maintainability, and scalability.

Using the wizard

When you have defined the DataWindow objects you need, start
the Web DataWindow Container wizard from the Project page of the
New dialog box and follow the instructions in the wizard.

The choices you make in the wizard are similar to those you
make for other EAServer components,
such as whether to support instance pooling or live editing. The
package and component can have any names you want, with the exception
that you cannot name the package DataWindow (the
name of the package that contains the preinstalled HTMLGenerator126
component). You cannot set component type or transaction support

Building the Web DataWindow Container project presets some
of the properties of the component that you would otherwise need
to set in scripts or in EAServer Manager.
You can specify a database profile in the wizard or Project painter
to set the com.sybase.datawindow.trans.dbms and other database transaction
properties. If you want calls to component methods to be written
to the server log, select Enable Trace to set the com.sybase.datawindow.trace

note.png Connection or data source cache

Specifying a profile sets database transaction properties
for the component, but you still need to create a connection cache
(EAServer 5.x) or data source
cache (EAServer 6.x) in EAServer Manager for the database
that the component will access.

Service classes

You can add a custom class user object to your project to
perform any special processing you require. This object acts as
a service class. The custom class user object must be in the same
library as the DataWindow objects or on the target’s library
list. When you build the Web DataWindow Container project, select
the class in the Select Objects dialog box in the Project painter.
For more information, see “Using service classes”.

Instantiating the container component

When you create an instance of the container component, you
must either provide a Java proxy for the component or pass DataWindow/HTMLGenerator126
as the last argument to the CreateComponent method. This specifies
that the component uses the proxy provided for the generic component.
For example:

This is the same way you instantiate custom components. For
more information on custom components, see “Instantiating the custom

Selecting a DataWindow from the container component

To select a DataWindow from the container component, you must
use the SetDWObjectEx method rather than the SetDWObject method:

For more information on the SetDWObject method, see “Loading the DataWindow object” and the DataWindow

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