System Requirements for PowerBuilder Web Forms – PB Docs 120

System Requirements for PowerBuilder Web Forms

You must install the .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, or 3.5 SDK (x86) and AJAX Extensions on the same computer as PowerBuilder. The system PATH environment variable must include the location of the .NET Framework.

If you installed a 1.x version of the .NET Framework, you must make sure the PATH variable lists a supported version first.

You must also install the .NET Framework and AJAX Extensions on the IIS server where you deploy a Web Forms target.

For information about installation and configuration, see ASP.NET Configuration for a .NET Project
. For information on migrating Web Forms targets from earlier releases of PowerBuilder, see Release Bulletin > Migration Information.

If you are deploying .NET applications as a standard user from a computer with the Vista operating system or later, the User Account Control dialog box prompts you for privilege elevation. This dialog box does not appear if you run PowerBuilder as a computer administrator.

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