Specifying the DataWindow object during execution – PB Docs 126

Specifying the DataWindow object during execution

Changing the DataWindow object

The way to change the DataWindow object depends on the environment:

  • PowerBuilder

    Set the DataObject property to one of the DataWindow objects
    built into the application.

  • Web ActiveX

    Set the SourceFileName and DataWindowObject properties to
    select a new library file and DataWindow.

  • Web DataWindow

    You can call the SetDWObject method on the Web DataWindow
    generator component.

note.png Setting the transaction object when you change the
DataWindow object

When you change the DataWindow object during execution, you
might need to call setTrans or setTransObject again.

For more information, see “Setting the transaction
object for the DataWindow control”

Dynamically creating a DataWindow object

You can also create a new DataWindow object during execution
and associate it with a control.

For more information, see Chapter 3, “Dynamically Changing DataWindow
Objects .”

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