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Setting options

When you connect to EAServer using
either the Connection object or the JaguarORB object, you are using
the EAServer client ORB. You can
set its properties in the Options string of the Connection object
or using JaguarORB’s Init function.

Using a different code set

To connect to an EAServer component that handles
double-byte characters, make sure the component is using the correct
code set. The code set can be changed in the Component Properties
dialog box in the Management Console. You must also set your PowerBuilder
client’s code set to use the component. To do so, set the
Options property of the Connection object. For example, if you want
to handle Korean characters in the eucksc code set, use the following script
for a Connection object called myConnection:

If EAServer was started using the utf-8 codeset
and you are calling a Java or PowerBuilder component that returns
a string containing the Euro and/or British pound symbol,
set the ORBCodeSet property to cp1252. For example:

Troubleshooting connections

When a connection fails, you can obtain more information about
the failure in a log file by enabling the ORBLogIIOP option and
specifying a value for the ORBLogFile option. If you want to set
multiple options, they must be set in the same statement. Separate
the options with commas:

For a complete list of options, see the online Help for the
Connection object or the EAServer documentation.

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