Server configuration requirements – PB Docs 126

Server configuration requirements

The servers and clients used by the Web DataWindow can run
on the same or different machines. The following diagram shows typical configurations
with the Web server and page server on the same machine and the
component server and database on separate machines, but any or all
of the servers can run on the same computer. In your development environment,
the client browser could be on the same computer, too.

Figure 7-1: Typical client and server configurations

note.png Web server is built in to EAServer

As shown in the first configuration, EAServer has
a built-in Web server, so this configuration demonstrates the full
capability of EAServer.

Using the Web DataWindow
with EAServer

If you are not running your Web server as a service and you
have a user CLASSPATH environment variable, make sure that this
variable includes the paths to all classes needed for communication
between the Web server and EAServer.
This includes the SybaseEAServerhtmlclasses
directory and the path to any component stubs that you generate
for use with your Web pages
(if these are in a different
directory). When you install EAServer,
the path information for the server is placed only in the system
CLASSPATH variable, not the user variable.

Transaction server configuration

You must perform the following configuration tasks on the EAServer transaction server:

  • Copy the PBLs,
    PBDs, SRDs, or PSRs containing the definitions of your DataWindow
    objects to a directory on the EAServer server’s
    path or the system path if the server component is running as a

  • Set up a DSN and a connection cache for your data

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