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Sec_Channel_Bind database parameter


When you access an SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise database
in PowerBuilder through Open Client, Sec_Channel_Bind
is one of several parameters that support login authentication for
network-based security services. (For other login authentication
parameters, see the See Also section.)

Sec_Channel_Bind controls whether your connection’s
security mechanism performs channel binding. When Sec_Channel_Bind
is set to 1, both Sybase Open Client Client-Library (CT-Lib) and
the server provide a network channel identifier to the security
mechanism before connecting. The channel identifier contains the
network addresses of the client and server.

When Sec_Channel_Bind is set to 0 (the default),
no channel binding is performed.

You must specify a value for Sec_Channel_Bind before connecting
to the database.

note.png Using third-party security mechanisms

For information about the third-party security
mechanisms and operating system platforms that Sybase has tested
with Open Client security services, see the Open Client documentation.


  • ASE, SYC SAP Adaptive
    Server Enterprise





Specifies whether your connection’s
security mechanism performs channel binding. Values are:

  • 0

    (Default) Do not perform channel binding.
    You can also specify 'No' or 'False' to
    set this value.

  • 1

    Perform channel binding. Both CT-Lib and the server provide a
    channel identifier to the connection’s security mechanism.
    You can also specify 'Yes' or 'True' to
    set this value.




Not supported with CyberSafe Kerberos

Sec_Channel_Bind is not supported if
your security mechanism is CyberSafe Kerberos.

Set Release parameter

For this parameter to take effect, you must also
set the Release parameter
to 11or higher to specify that your application should use the appropriate
version of Sybase Open Client Client–Library (CT-Lib) behavior.
See the description of the Release parameter for more information.

Requirements for use

To use Sec_Channel_Bind or any other parameter supporting
Open Client, you must meet certain requirements for using security services
in your PowerBuilder application. For details, see “Requirements
for using Open Client security services” in Connecting
to Your Database

Corresponding CT-Lib connection property

Specifying a value for Sec_Channel_Bind
sets the corresponding Sybase CT-Lib connection property named CS_SEC_CHANBIND.


To specify that your connection’s security
mechanism performs channel binding:

  • Database

    Select the Enable Channel Binding check box on the Security
    page in the Database Profile Setup dialog box.

  • Application

    Type the following in code:

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