SAP DataWindow Web control for ActiveX – PB Docs 126

SAP DataWindow Web control for ActiveX

The SAP DataWindow Web control for ActiveX is an interactive
DataWindow control for use with Internet Explorer that implements
all features of the PowerBuilder DataWindow except rich text.


The Web ActiveX is fully programmable and supports DataWindow
events, methods, and dynamic modification of the DataWindow object.
The user can modify and update data. The RichText presentation style
is not supported.

Client requirements

The control uses ActiveX technology and works in Microsoft
Internet Explorer only.

The user must download the CAB file for the component, which
is less than two megabytes in size. Database connection through
JDBC occurs from the client, which must be configured with the connection
software. The software can be downloaded from the Web server.

DataWindow behavior that would compromise security of the
client, such as the SaveAs functionality, is disabled.

Server requirements

The JDBC database connection can access databases on a remote

For more information, see Chapter 8, “Using the DataWindow Web Control
for ActiveX.”

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