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Running the installable cloud application

Step 1: Make sure your computer can connect to the NuGet site

NuGet packages must be downloaded first in order to run the
PowerServer Web APIs.

Step 2: Click the Run Project
button (run.png) in the toolbar.

This will run the PowerServer Web APIs on the local machine,
including downloading the required NuGet packages, compiling the
ServerAPIs” project in the
PowerServer C# solution, starting the internal Kestrel web server
included in the project, and then running PowerServer Web APIs on
Kestrel, all automatically.

Make sure the API console window displays “Now listening on:

Make sure the API console window displays “Application
started…”. This indicates PowerServer Web APIs starts


After PowerServer Web APIs is started, the client app will start
to run in the Web browser automatically. The app URL to be run is
http://localhost:5099/salesdemo_cloud, it has the same IP and port
number as the Web API URL by default.

In the app entry page that appears, click Download the Launcher to download and install
the launcher.

After the launcher is installed, the application should
automatically start, if not, click Start the
in the entry page to start the


When the application main window displays, click the Address button in the application toolbar. Data
should be successfully displayed.


Once the application installs and runs successfully, you should
be able to find the app shortcut on the desktop as well as on the
Windows start menu on your client PC.


For more information about running the Web APIs, refer to
Hosting Web APIs in Kestrel > Hosting
environment: Development

For more information about running the application, refer to
How-to > Run the installable
cloud application

For any issue or error occurred, refer to Troubleshooting Guide >
installable cloud apps

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