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REST client

PowerBuilder 12.5 includes a new REST client.

Using the REST client feature involves these steps:

  1. Generate a PB proxy NVO using a REST client proxy project.

    PowerBuilder generates a proxy NVO for each remote RESTful Service, using a URI, method, and messaging format that you specify.

  2. Parse complex message schemas and generate assemblies.

    PowerBuilder runs XSD.exe from the Windows SDK for .NET Framework 4.0 to parse or generate the schemas, and then to generate C# files. It then uses the C# compiler to build an assembly. PowerBuilder generates one assembly for each request message and one for the response message, if needed. These assemblies are automatically added to the PowerBuilder WPF target references when the project is deployed.

    You might not need to create assemblies for simple request or response messages like integer or string types. Instead, you can skip the assembly generation and use PowerBuilder primitive types.

  3. Instantiate the proxy NVO and call the service.
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