Requirements for using Open Client security services – PB Docs 126

Requirements for using Open Client security services

For you to use Open Client security services in your application, all
of the following must be true

  • You are accessing an Adaptive Server database server
    using Open Client Client-Library (CT-Lib) 11.1.x or later software.

  • You have the required network security mechanism
    and driver.

    You have the required SAP-supported network security mechanism
    and SAP-supplied security driver properly installed and configured
    for your environment. Depending on your operating system platform,
    examples of supported security mechanisms include: Distributed Computing Environment
    (DCE) security servers and clients, CyberSafe Kerberos, and Windows
    NT LAN Manager Security Services Provider Interface (SSPI).

    For information about the third-party security
    mechanisms and operating system platforms that Sybase has tested
    with Open Client security services, see the Open Client documentation.

  • You can access the secure server outside PowerBuilder.

    You must be able to access a secure Adaptive Server server
    using Open Client 11.1.x or later software from outside PowerBuilder.

    To verify the connection, use a tool such as ISQL or SQL Advantage
    to make sure you can connect to the server and log in to the database
    with the same connection parameters and security options you plan
    to use in your PowerBuilder application.

  • You are using a PowerBuilder database interface.

    You are using the ASE or SYC Adaptive Server interface to
    access the database.

  • The Release DbParameter parameter is set to the appropriate
    value for your database.

    You have set the Release DbParameter parameter to 11or higher
    to specify that your application should use the appropriate version
    of the Open Client CT–Lib software.

    For instructions, see Release in the online

  • Your security mechanism and driver support the requested

    The security mechanism and driver you are using must support
    the service requested by the DbParameter parameter.

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