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Release database parameter


Specifies what version of Sybase Open Client Client-Library
(CT-Lib) software is in use on the client workstation.

note.png When to specify Release

You must specify a value for Release before connecting
to the database.


  • ASE, SYC SAP Adaptive
    Server Enterprise





Specifies the version of Open Client
Client-Library your application uses.

The value corresponds to the value of the CS_VERSION property
that is used to allocate a context structure for the client. Multiple
values that specify the same client context are provided for backwards
compatibility. Release number 15 or higher for ASE. Release number
15 or lower for SYC:

  • 10.x


  • 11


  • 11.5


  • 12


  • 12.5


  • 12.5.1


  • 15


  • 15.5



Release=’15’ for ASE, Release=’11’ for


The Release parameter must correspond to the version of Open
Client software installed on the client workstation. For example,
do not specify 12.5 or 12.5.1 if your Open Client version is 12.0,
even if your Adaptive Server version is 12.5 or 12.5.1.

To use Adaptive Server 15, you must install Open Client version
15 on the client computer and set the Release parameter to 15 to
establish an Open Client 15 client context.

The Open Client context is allocated by the first PBSYC126.DLL database connection.
This context acts as the parent context for all subsequent PBSYC126.DLL connections.
Therefore, you must specify the same value for the Release parameter
for all your connections.

If the client library is not loaded, the version that corresponds
to the value of Release is loaded.If the value of Release is 15
and that version is not available on the client, the library fails
to load. If the value of Release is less than 15 and that version
is not available, PBSYC126.DLL attempts to
load version 15 of the client library and fails only if neither
the requested version nor version 15 is available. If there is no
active client context, PBSYC126.DLL connects
using the value of the Release parameter. If there is an active
client context, the new connection fails if the value of the Release
parameter is higher than the current client context. The new connection
succeeds if the value of the Release parameter is the same as or
lower than the current client context.

The SYC driver links to the appropriate version of the client
libraries dynamically and the Open Client context is released when
all connections are closed. If you open multiple connections, the
first Open Client context established is used for all of them. If
you need to establish a new Open Client context in the development
environment, close all open connections and establish a new connection
with the Release parameter set to the context you require.

During each database login, PBSYC126.DLL automatically
determines the version of Adaptive Server being accessed. It customizes
its behavior to optimize performance and features for the combination
of the Adaptive Server version and the Open Client context specified
in the Release parameter. Specifying a value for Release that does
not correspond to the Open Client software on the client can cause
unpredictable results.

The values 12.5 and 12.5.1 both open an Open Client 12.5 context.
However, you should always specify Release=’12.5′ if
you are using Open Client 12.5 and Release=’12.5.1′ if
you are using Open Client 12.5.1. This ensures that PBSYC126.DLL correctly
handles the following scenarios that require Open Client 12.5.1
and Adaptive Server 12.5.1:

  • Use the Date and Time datatypes
    introduced in Adaptive Server 12.5.1 in RPC calls that explicitly
    call for these datatypes in the stored procedure argument list.

  • Use the Date and Time datatypes
    in Update where current of and Delete
    where current of

Retrieval, insert, update, and delete processing work correctly
against Date and Time datatypes
using any Open Client software and Adaptive Server 12.5.1 or later.
In the Database painter, the Date and Time datatypes
display in the list of metadata types when you are connected to
an Adaptive Server 12.5.1 server in any Open Client context.

Certain other features are supported only when you access
a specified version of a SQL Server
10/11 or Adaptive Server Enterprise database using its associated
Open Client software. For example, you must:

  • Set
    the Release parameter to 11 or higher and use Open Client 11.x or higher
    and Adaptive Server 11.x or higher to take advantage of network–based
    security and directory services in your application.

  • Set Release to 12.5 and use Open Client 12.5 or
    higher and Adaptive Server 12.5 or higher to access Char and VarChar columns
    with more than 255 characters.

  • Set Release to 15 and use Open Client 15 or higher
    and Adaptive Server 15 or higher to access the UniText and
    64-bit integer (BigInt) SQL datatypes added
    in version 15 of Adaptive Server.

  • Set Release to 15.5 and use Open Client 15.5 or
    higher to access the BIGTIME and BIGDATETIME SQL
    datatypes added in version 15.5 of Adaptive Server.


To specify that your PowerBuilder application accesses
an Adaptive Server Enterprise 15 database using an Open Client Client-Library
15 context:

  • Database profile

    Select 15 from the Release drop-down list on the Connection
    page in the Database Profile Setup dialog box.

  • Application

    Type the following in code:

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