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Providing MicroHelp

MDI provides a MicroHelp facility that you can use to display
information to the user in the status area at the bottom of the
frame. For example, when the user selects a menu item, the MicroHelp
facility displays a description of the selected item in the status

You can define MicroHelp for menu items and for controls in
custom frame windows.

Providing MicroHelp for menu items

You specify the text for the MicroHelp associated with a menu
item on the General property page in the Menu painter. To change the text
of the MicroHelp in a script for a menu item, use the SetMicroHelp

Providing MicroHelp for controls

You can associate MicroHelp with a control in a custom frame
window by using the control’s Tag property. For example,
say you have added a Print button to the client area. To display
MicroHelp for the button, write a script for the button’s
GetFocus event that sets the Tag property to the desired text and then
uses SetMicroHelp to display the text. For example:

You can also set a control’s Tag property in the
control’s property sheet.

In the LoseFocus event, you should restore the MicroHelp:

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