Properties and Param elements – PB Docs 126

Properties and Param elements

How they work

The Web ActiveX and the Transaction Object control have several
properties that specify connection information. The Web ActiveX
also has properties that specify a DataWindow object or a PSR. You
provide values for the properties with Param elements, which are
enclosed in the Object element.

The inserted Param elements are grouped in an order that corresponds
to pages in the control property sheets. The first group of Param
elements contains standard ActiveX properties. You can assign values
for the standard ActiveX properties in the ActiveX OBJECTn Properties
dialog box, where n is the order in which the
object is placed on the page.

The Web ActiveX also inserts Param elements for custom properties.
You set these custom properties from the SAP DataWindow Web Control
Properties dialog box. To open this dialog box, you can click the
Control Properties button on the ActiveX page of the ActiveX OBJECTn Properties
dialog box for the Web ActiveX control.

The SAP DataWindow Web Control Properties dialog box has four
tab pages where you can set custom properties: General, Scrolling,
Transaction, and Trans User. The Transaction Object control has
only two custom property pages: Transaction and Trans User.

Standard ActiveX properties

Properties on General page

Properties on Scrolling page

Properties on Transaction page

Properties on Trans User page

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