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PrintingPermission settings are required for PowerScript system functions in Windows Forms targets.

Permission requirements for system functions

Printing Permission required for system functions in Windows Forms
System function Permission required
Print, PrintBitmap, PrintCancel, PrintClose, PrintDataWindow, PrintDefineFont, PrintGetPrinter, PrintScreen, PrintSend, PrintSetFont, PrintSetSpacing, PrintLine, PrintOpen. PrintOval, PrintPage, PrintRect, PrintRoundRect, PrintSetupPrinter, PrintText, PrintWidth, PrintX, PrintY DefaultPrinting or AllPrinting
PrintGetPrinters, PrintSetPrinter, PrintSetup AllPrinting
This table shows the required PrintingPermission settings for object and control functions in Windows Forms targets.

PrintingPermission required for object or control functions in Windows Forms
Object or control Function or property Permission required

Print with no arguments DefaultPrinting or AllPrinting
Print (canceldialog, true) AllPrinting
DataStore Print DefaultPrinting or AllPrinting
DragObject Print DefaultPrinting or AllPrinting

PrintEx (cancelDialog) DefaultPrinting or AllPrinting
Window Print DefaultPrinting or AllPrinting

Example 1

This example allows printing to the default printer and the use of a restricted printer selection dialog box:

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