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Printing the report

After you build the DataWindow object and fill in print specifications,
you can place it in a DataWindow control on a window or form, as
described in “Putting a DataWindow
object into a control”

To allow users to print the report, your application needs
code that performs the printing logic. For example, you can place
a button on the window or form, then write code that is run when
the user clicks the button.

To print the contents of a single DataWindow control or DataStore,
call the Print method. For example, this PowerBuilder statement
prints the report in the DataWindow control dw_Sales:

For information about the Print method, see
the DataWindow Reference. For information about
using nested reports to print multiple DataWindows, see “Using nested reports”.

Separate DataWindow controls in a single print

For PowerBuilder applications only

If the window has multiple DataWindow controls, you can use
multiple PrintDataWindow method calls in a script to print the contents
of all the DataWindow controls in one print job.

These statements print the contents of three DataWindow controls
in a single print job:

For information about PowerBuilder system
functions for printing, see the PowerScript Reference.

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