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Printing functions

PowerScript provides predefined functions that you can use
to generate simple and complex lists and reports. Using only three
functions, you can create a tabular report in your printer’s
default font. Using additional functions, you can create a report
with multiple text fonts, character sizes, and styles, as well as lines
and pictures.

These are the functions for printing:

Function Description
Print There are five Print function formats.
You can specify a tab in all but two formats, and in one you can
specify two tabs
PrintBitMap Prints the specified bitmap
PrintCancel Cancels the specified print job
PrintClose Sends the current page of a print job
to the printer (or spooler) and closes the print job
PrintDataWindow Prints the specified DataWindow as a
print job
PrintDefineFont Defines one of the eight fonts available
for a print jo.
PrintLine Prints a line of a specified thickness
at a specified location
PrintOpen Starts the print job and assigns it a
print job number
PrintOval Prints an oval (or circle) of a specified
size at a specified location
PrintPage Causes the current page to print and
sets up a new blank page
PrintRect Prints a rectangle of a specified size
at a specified location
PrintRoundRect Prints a round rectangle of a specified
size at a specified location
PrintScreen Prints the screen image as part of a
print job
PrintSend Sends a specified string directly to
the printer
PrintSetFont Sets the current font to one of the defined
fonts for the current job
PrintSetSpacing Sets a spacing factor to determine the
space between lines
PrintSetup Calls the printer Setup dialog box and
stores the user’s responses in the print driver
PrintText Prints the specified text string at a
specified location
PrintWidth Returns the width (in thousandths of
an inch) of the specified string in the current font of the current
print job
PrintX Returns the x value of the print cursor
PrintY Returns the y value of the print cursor

For more information about printing functions,
see the PowerScript Reference

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