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Printing a job

PrintOpen must be the first function call in every print job.
The PrintOpen function defines a new blank page in memory, specifies
that all printing will be done in the printer’s default
font, and returns an integer. The integer is the print job number
that is used to identify the job in all other function calls.

PrintOpen is followed by calls to one or more other printing
functions, and then the job is ended with a PrintClose (or PrintCancel)
call. The functions you call between the PrintOpen call and the
PrintClose call can be simple print functions that print a string
with or without tabs or more complex functions that add lines and
objects to the report or even include a picture in the report.

note.gif Printing titles To print a title at the top of each page, keep count of the
number of lines printed and then when the count reaches a certain
number (such as 50), call the PrintPage function, reset the counter,
and print the title.

Here is a simple print request:

Document get from Powerbuilder help
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