Print dialog box – PB Docs 126

Print dialog box


Select options for printing a report showing the data in the
DataWindow object. You can print multiple copies and optionally
collate them and you can print selected pages. You can print a report
when focus is in the Preview view in the DataWindow painter or when
the DataWindow object is in preview mode.

If you want to print a DataWindow object definition, showing
the Design view, the Select statement, and the properties of the
controls in the DataWindow object, place the cursor in the Design
view in the DataWindow painter and select Print Definition from
the File menu.

Page break before last row

The summary band in a report is always printed on the same
page as the last row of data. This means that you will sometimes find
that there is a page break before the last row of data even if there
is sufficient space to print the row. If you want the last row to
print on the same page as the preceding rows, the summary band must
be made small enough to fit on the page as well.



The report is printed to your default printer. Click this
button if you want to print to a different printer.

Print to File

Select if you want to print to a .PRN file.

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