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Preparing to use the SQL Anywhere data source

Before you define and connect to a SQL Anywhere
data source in PowerBuilder, follow these steps to prepare the data

proc.png To prepare a SQL Anywhere
data source:

  1. Make sure the database file for the SQL Anywhere data source already exists.
    You can create a new database by:

    • Launching the Create SQL Anywhere
      Database utility. You can access this utility from the Utilities
      folder for the ODBC interface in the Database profile or Database
      painter when PowerBuilder is running on your computer.

      This method creates a local SQL Anywhere
      database on your computer, and also creates the data source definition
      and database profile for this connection. (For instructions, see
      the Users Guide.)

    • Creating the database some other way, such as with PowerBuilder running
      on another user’s computer or by using SQL Anywhere outside PowerBuilder.
      (For instructions, see the SQL Anywhere documentation.)

  2. Make sure you have the log file associated with
    the SQL Anywhere database so
    that you can fully recover the database if it becomes corrupted.

    If the log file for the SQL Anywhere
    database does not exist, the SQL Anywhere
    database engine creates it. However, if you are copying or moving
    a database from another computer or directory, you should copy or
    move the log file with it.

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