PowerBuilder Examples And Skills

PowerBuilder Examples And Skills. this is one of the teaching examples of PowerBuilder programming. I have edited and updated this example in powerbuilder version 10.5. These are the basic examples that can be applied from Powerbuilder 9 to Powerbuilder 2019

PowerBuilder Examples And Skills

All examples of this book. as follows:
Chapter 1 Window, Control and Interface
1.1 Implementation of Outlook Toolbar Interface – Outlook
1.2 Make Splash window – Splash
1.3 Make a beautiful status bar – StatusBar
1.4 Create icon bar application – Systray
1.5 MDI window display background image – MDIBmp
1.6 ToolTips – ToolTips in the window control display
1.7 Create a different command button – PictureButton/IconButton
1.8 Implementation of Transparent Text – TransparentST/TransParentButton
1.9 Making the navigation map interface – FlowChat
1.10 Make a menu with pictures and texts – BmpMenu
1.11 The size of the controls in the window is synchronized with the size of the window – Autosize
1.12 Dynamically create controls – DynamicControl
1.14 Control Fusion Technology – SplitBar/SplitResize
1.15 Wallpaper

Chapter 2 Data Window
2.1 Data window PDF format document output – PDF
2.2 Data window combination condition query – Query
2.3 Universal Sorting of Data Window – UniversalSort
2.4 Implementation of custom window for general display of data window – ColumnVisible
2.5 Incremental query in the data window – zlcx
2.6 Multi-table update of data window – UpdateMultable
2.7 Click the title bar to sort the data window – TitleSort
2.8 Dynamic Data Window – DynamicDataWindow
2.9 Composite Data Window – AddTitle
2.10 Data window print processing – PrintPreview/PrintPreview3 (The contents of PrintPreview and PrintPreview3 are the same, but there are some differences in implementation)
2.11 The dynamic change of the data window statistical graph type – GraphType
2.12 Realization of dynamic display of statistical graph values ??in data window – GraphValue
2.13 The encapsulation of the button in the data window – DwButton

Chapter 3 PowerScript
3.2 Realize the automatic upgrade of the client program – CSUPgrade
3.3 Base Conversion – NumberConvert
3.4 Registry function application – Regedit
3.5 RMB uppercase conversion function – AmountUppder
3.6 Close the external program in the application – CloseApp
3.7 Start the control panel project in the application – RunControl
3.8 Import Data Window for Non-Tab Delimited Text File – ImportFile
3.9 Run the compiled program with parameters – CommandParm
3.10 Get the last day of the month function – GetLastDay
3.11 Restrict the same program to run multiple times – OnlyOnce Resource file used in this chapter – pic

Chapter 4 Database and SQL
4.2 PowerBuilder + ASA8 C/S programming – Client-Server
4.4 Dynamic SQL and its application – DynamicSQL
4.5 Accessing Binary Large Objects – Blob
4.6 PowerBuilder application gets server time – GetServerTime
4.7 PowerBuilder extended attribute system table and its application – SystemTable
4.8 Connect to any ODBC data source – ODBCList
4.9 Database connection with customizable parameters – ServerSet

Chapter 5 Printing Topics
General printing example – Print

Chapter 6 User Objects
6.1.1 Create a customized user object (create a pop-up button) – ToggleButton
6.1.2 Create a standard visual user object (extended data window) – Datawindow
6.1.3 Create a visual external user object (status bar) – StatusBar
6.2.2 Create a general invisible user object (FTP application) – Ftp

Chapter 7 API
7.2.1 Change the display style of the window – ChangeWindow
7.2.2 Make the picture of the window transparent – TransWindow
7.2.3 Change the closing style of the window – CloseStyle
7.2.4 Realize the copy and paste of graphics and simple processing of images in PB – PictureBox
7.3.1 Get the internal process of the system – System Thread
7.3.2 Obtain basic system information – SystemInformation
7.4.1 Checking the connectivity of the physical network – Mping
7.4.2 Shut down, restart, log off the computer – ExitWindow
7.5.1 Use Visual C++ to develop dynamic link library – DllForPb9
7.5.2 Use Delphi to develop dynamic link library – SetScreen
7.5.3 Use Visual Basic to develop ActiveX dynamic link library – CPUInfo

Chapter 8 pipeline
Data pipeline – pipeline

Chapter 9 DDE, OLE, COM Use Technology
9.1.3 DDE client implementation steps – DDE
9.2.5 Invisible OLE objects – pbtowordandexcel
9.2.6 ActiveX Control – Media
9.2.7 Use external OLE controls to process binary data in the database – DBOLE
9.2.8 OLE wonderful application-develop XP style menu-XPMenu
9.3.3 COM component implementation in PowerBuilder – pb9com

Chapter 10 Compilation and Distribution
Compile – TestInstall

Chapter 11 Jaguar
Contains the source program of two examples of developing Jaguar components and calling Jaguar components

Chapter 12 PBNI
PBNI application technology – PBNI

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Good Luck!

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