Planning and building the DataWindow object – PB Docs 126

Planning and building the DataWindow object

To design the report, you create a DataWindow object. You
select the data source and presentation style and then:

  • Sort the data

  • Create groups in the DataWindow object to organize
    the data in the report and force page breaks when the group values

  • Enhance the DataWindow object to look like a report
    (for example, you might want to add a title, column headers, and
    a computed field to number the pages)

note.png Using fonts

Printer fonts are usually shorter and fatter than screen fonts,
so text might not print in the report exactly as it displays in
the DataWindow painter. You can pad the text fields to compensate
for this discrepancy. You should test the report format with a small
amount of data before you print a large report.

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