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OraMTSConFlgs database parameter


Specifies the behavior of a transactional PowerBuilder component
deployed to COM+. This parameter applies only when
a PowerBuilder custom class user object is deployed as a COM+ component
and is connecting to an Oracle 8.1.5 or higher database.

note.png Deprecated DBParm

You can no longer deploy components from PowerBuilder to COM+ servers. The
OraMTSConFlgs DBParm is maintained for backward compatibility to existing
PowerBuilder components on COM+ servers. For new development, deploy
components as .NET projects instead.


  • O90 Oracle9i

  • O10 Oracle 10g

  • ORA Oracle 11g





Specifies the behavior of a transactional
component deployed to COM+. Values are:

  • All Default

    (Default) Obtains a pooled connection and enlists the connection
    in any COM+ transaction, if one exists (ORAMTS_CFLG_ALLDEFAULT).

  • No Implicit Enlistment

    Obtains a pooled connection but does not enlist the resource
    in any COM+ transaction even if the component is transactional (ORAMTS_CFLG_NOIMPLICIT).

  • Unique Server Session

    Requests a single OCI session per OCI Server. Since multiplexing
    is not supported in Version 8.1.5, this option is always used (ORAMTS_CFLG_UNIQUESRVR).

  • SYSDBA Login

    Required if connecting as SYSDBA (ORAMTS_CFLG_SYSDBALOGN).

  • SYSOPER Login

    Required if connecting as SYSOPER (ORAMTS_CFLG_SYSOPRLOGN).

  • Preliminary INTERNAL Login

    Required if connecting as INTERNAL (ORAMTS_CFLG_PRELIMAUTH).




If a transactional PowerBuilder component deployed to COM+ uses
a PowerBuilder native interface to connect to an Oracle 8.1.5 or
higher database, COM+ attempts to obtain a pooled connection
and enlist the connection in a transaction. You can specify different
behavior by selecting one or more of the available options.

When the Oracle database interface is running under COM+,
ThreadSafe mode is enabled by default and the value of the ThreadSafe
parameter is ignored.

This parameter cannot be set dynamically. The value set when
the connection is made remains in effect until it is disconnected.

These values are not mutually exclusive. They are chained
using the pipe character in the parameter.

note.png Requirements for COM+ transactional support

Oracle Services for COM+ must be installed and configured.


To obtain an enlisted connection using the INTERNAL

  • Database profile

    Select the Preliminary INTERNAL Login check box on the EAServer/COM+ page
    in the Database Profile Setup dialog box. The All Default check
    box is selected by default.

  • Application

    Type the following in code (use | to signify a logical
    OR of the flags):

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