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MobiLink Synchronization

You can use MobiLink synchronization with smart client applications
to take advantage of the “occasionally connected” nature
of a Windows Forms application that has been installed on a client
so that it can be run from the Start menu as well as from a browser.

MobiLink is a session-based synchronization system that allows
two-way synchronization between a main database, called the consolidated
database, and many remote databases. The user on the client computer
can make updates to a database when not connected, then synchronize
changes with the consolidated database when connected.

You need to deploy the SQL Anywhere database driver and the
MobiLink synchronization client file to the client computer. You
can simplify this process by adding the required files to a package
and adding the package to the Prerequisites page in the Project

For more information, see Users Guide > Using the ASA MobiLink
synchronization wizard
Techniques > Using MobiLink Synchronization

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