Managing information in the Windows registry – PB Docs 70

Managing information in the Windows registry

Functions for accessing the Registry

PowerBuilder provides several functions you can use to manage
application settings in the Windows registry:

Function Description
RegistryDelete Deletes a key or a value in a key in
the Windows registry.
RegistryGet Gets a value from the Windows registry.
RegistryKeys Obtains a list of the keys that are child
items (subkeys) one level below a key in the Windows registry.
RegistrySet Sets the value for a key and value name
in the Windows registry. If the key or value name does not exist,
RegistrySet creates a new key or value name.
RegistryValues Obtains a list of named values associated
with a key.

For the complete information for these functions,
see the PowerScript Reference

note.gif Overriding initialization files On Windows you can use the ProfileString functions to obtain
information from the registry instead of from an initialization
file. On Windows NT, create a new folder called INIFILEMAPPING at
the following location:

To override the WIN.INI file, create a key in the new folder
called WIN.INI with the following value:

On Windows 95 and 98, substitute windows for windows
in both paths.

Support for multiple platforms

Both Windows 95 and Windows NT use a system registry for application settings,
but UNIX does not. Therefore, don’t use any of the functions
that access the Windows registry if you are building a cross-platform

The examples below use the registry to keep track of database
connection parameters. The connection parameters are maintained
in the registry in the MyCoMyAppdatabase


Reading values from the registry

The following script retrieves values for the default Transaction
object from the registry.

Setting values in the registry

The following script stores the values for the Transaction
object in the registry:

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