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Managing DataWindow objects in PowerBuilder libraries

Types of libraries

The Web ActiveX can use DataWindow objects that are stored
in PBLs or PBDs.

When to use a PBD

The Web browser downloads the library specified for the Web
ActiveX and stores it in a temporary cache. If you do not want your
DataWindow object source code to be available to the user (who could
copy it from the cache), convert a PBL to
a PBD before deploying it.

Because the library will be downloaded, you should make it
as small as possible—another good reason to convert a PBL to a PBD.

note.png PowerBuilder version

PBLs must be migrated
to Version 10 or later.

Grouping DataWindow objects into libraries

A PBL or PBD is downloaded
in its entirety from the Web server; therefore, you should make
sure your library includes only those objects needed on your Web
pages. You can group DataWindow objects that are used on different
Web pages in a single library; however, you should avoid forcing
users to download objects used on pages they will not view.When
choosing how to group DataWindow objects into libraries, make the
set of objects in the library correspond to the typical set of pages
the user will view. Although a single download saves a lot of communications
overhead, it is worthwhile for users only if they view the pages
that use the objects.

Using other resources in the DataWindow object

A DataWindow object can use external resources such as bitmaps
or cursors. You can use a resource file when you build a PBD to
include these resources in the library. You can also store these
resources on the Web server. A relative path in the DataWindow object
can point to the file’s location on the Web server. The
browser retrieves the resource as needed.

A DataWindow object can use other DataWindow objects, such
as drop-down DataWindows. Make sure these objects are included in
the downloaded library.

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