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PowerBuilder provides resources for international developers
including localized deployment files, localized versions of the PowerBuilder Foundation Class
Library (for PowerBuilder Enterprise and Professional editions), and
the Translation Toolkit. These resources are usually available after
the general release of a new version of PowerBuilder.

Localized deployment files are provided for French, German,
Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. You can install
localized deployment files in the development environment or the
user’s machine. If you install them on the development
machine, you can use them for testing purposes.

The localized deployment files let you deploy PowerBuilder applications
with standard runtime dialog boxes in the local language. They handle
language-specific data during execution time, including:

  • The DayName function
    The DayName function returns a name in the language of the
    deployment files available on the machine where the application
    is run.
  • DateTime manipulation When you use the String function to format a date and the
    month is displayed as text (for example, the display format includes
    “mmm”), the month is in the language of the deployment files available
    when the application is run.
  • Error messages PowerBuilder error message are translated into the language
    of the deployment files.

About the Translation Toolkit

The Translation Toolkit is a set of tools designed to help
you translate PowerBuilder applications into another language. The
Toolkit and the Translator tool, which is part of the Toolkit and
is also available as a standalone application, are available on
Windows 95 and Windows NT.

When you use the Toolkit to create a project, a copy of each
of your application’s source libraries is created for each
project. The application’s original source libraries are
not changed.

How the Toolkit works

When you use the tools in the Toolkit, you work with the phrases (one
or more words of text) in an application. These phrases are in the
application’s object properties, controls, and scripts.

You use the tools to:

  • Extract phrases from
    the project libraries
  • Present the phrases for translation
  • Substitute translated phrases for the original phrases
    in the project libraries

Using the translated project libraries, you use PowerBuilder to
build the translated application. You can deploy the translated
application on Windows or UNIX platforms.

For more information, see the online Help for the Translation

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