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Loading the DataWindow object


The next step is to specify
the PBD or PBL file that contains the DataWindow object and the
name of the DataWindow object. You do not need to specify the location
of the file, but it must be available on the component server in
a directory on the server’s path (or on the system path
if the EAServer component is running
as a service or if you are using COM+):

You can also specify a:

  • Source definition
    (SRD) file containing the source for a DataWindow object. You can
    export a DataWindow definition to an SRD file in the Library painter or
    System Tree.

  • Powersoft report (PSR) file containing a DataWindow
    object plus data. You can save a PSR file from the DataWindow painter.

  • DataWindow Container component on EAServer containing multiple DataWindow
    object definitions

For SRD and PSR files, specify an empty string for the DataWindow

For DataWindow Container components, use the the SetDWObjectEx

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